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Where to Get Local and Organic Produce in Perthshire

At Highland Heather Lodges, we love celebrating the tremendous of food and drink of Scotland. We’re about eating locally sourced food and supporting and protecting local farms, allowing them to continue to grow food in the right way.

Some people might be wondering – why support my local farm when the supermarket is so much cheaper? Well, these are just a few reasons.

  • It’s better for the environment! When food travels shorter distances it uses less packaging, takes up less room on roads and planes, contributes less harmful pollution to the atmosphere and when food arrives quicker, less of it goes to waste.
  • It’s great for the local economy. Supporting local farms can help them create much-need jobs, as well as operate successful businesses which can give money back to the local area. It also makes sure the farmer is getting a decent wage for their hard work.
  • It’s good for the community – encouraging links between rural urban areas helps us all to be a little more understanding of each other. It’s also vital for children to be brought up with an awareness of how food is made (although you can skip the gory abattoir details for now).
  • It’s good for YOU! Fresher food has more nutrients in it than old food, and won’t have any additional chemicals designed to prolong life. If you can buy local organic food that’s even better.

It may not always be possible to get to a farm or farm shop, but increasing numbers of farms are now offering delivered boxes of vegetables. Many dairy farms also offer home delivery, with a number of options to choose from. If it’s more convenient than nipping down to the shop, why wouldn’t you?

Other farms might not offer delivery but will allow visitors to see how the farm works. This could be especially fantastic for young children on their path to discovering food and good ingredients.

There are several farms around the Perthshire, Comrie and Crieff area which offer some of these services, although the best central hub would have to be the Perth Farmer’s Market. Taking place on the first Saturday of every month in King Edward St and High St, dozens of local farmers, butchers, bakers and confectioners are in attendance. Some vendors even offer a click and collect service.

Here are some other places you can get local and/or organic produce in Perthshire, all within an hour’s drive of our lodges.


Hugh Grierson Organic

This business in Strathearn is spread across two farming sites, and has had organic status since 2002. Their primary focus is on producing meat; however they have branched out into a number of complimentary products such as eggs and potatoes. They produce Aberdeen Angus beef from their own herd, and also look after the local wildlife. Organic meat can be ordered online, or you can email or call to arrange a visit.

Tibbermore, Perth, Perth and Kinross, PH1 1QN


Briarlands Farm

More of a commercial play area and attraction for children than traditional farm, it is still possible to pick strawberries in season. There are lots of rides and activities for children to take part in.

Briarlands Farm, Blairdrummond, Stirling, FK9 4UP


Bruce Farms

The Bruce family have been farming here for over four generations and their speciality is in peas and beans. They do also produce potatoes, fruits, cereals and cattle, and have an on-site packaging plant. They seem to largely sell to retail stores, but look out for their produce!

Bruce Farms, Balmyle, Meigle, Perthshire, Scotland PH12 8QU


Pillars of Hercules

This organic farm shop and café was recently awarded the UK Best Small Organic Store and is open 9-6 every single day. Only an hour’s drive from our lodges, they bake fresh bread daily and also offer a vegetable box delivery service. Aside from growing vegetables, they also have 150 laying hens. What makes this place really special though is that they hire seasonal workers (known as WOOFERS) and host farm tours for schools.

Pillar of Hercules Farm, Falkland, Cupar, Fife, KY15 7AD


Bellfield Organic Nursery

hese guys have a great delivery service including eggs, milk, bread, cream and fruit. They’re regulars at the Perth Farmer’s Market, although don’t appear to accept visitors onto the farm site.

Bellfield Organic Nursery, Jamesfield Farm, Abernethy, Fife, KY1 6EW


Gordon and Durward

A confectioner’s on the West High St in Crieff, come here to get your locally-made authentic Scottish tablet, fudge, traditional sweets and hampers. It may not be a farm, but it is local ware!

14 W High St, Crieff, PH7 4DL



Advertised as a wildlife park, Auchingarrich in has all kinds of activities to enjoy and food to partake in. Their trout fishery is open daily and they provide lessons if necessary, but they also have the usual farm animals such as sheep, chicken, goats and pigs alongside their tropical creatures. Visitors can hold chicks, feed animals and even learn to milk Clover the cow.

Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre, Comrie, Perthshire, PH6 2JE


Gloagburn Farm and Shop

over their 450 acres of land, Gloagburn grow extensive amounts of barley and oats, rape seed and winter wheat. They are also home to nearly 5000 free range hens (the eggs from which you can buy online for delivery or at their farm shop), as well as rare breed pigs and cattle. Not everything in the shop comes from the farm itself, but everything that isn’t has been tried and tested.

Gloagburn Farm, Tibbermore, Perth, PH2 1QL