Important update from us regarding COVID-19

In response to Government recommendations, Highland Heather Lodges will be closing as of 23rd March 2020, along with all other self-catering accommodation in Scotland. We understand during this uncertain climate that it’s a worrying time for everyone, however closing the business for this period of time is necessary in order to ensure the well being of our guests and those living in Comrie. We will be in touch with all who have booked stays to help you reschedule your stays.

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Lodges with Hot Tubs Near Pitlochry

hot tub and a view near pitlochry perthshire

Hot tub and a view, from Glen Lednock

Here at Highland Heather Lodges, we are unbelievably fortunate to be situated in the midst of such beautiful landscapes and wildlife as those found in the beautiful Pitlochry area.

You can choose from any activity from sedate walks through ancient forests to exhausting white water rafting down the bustling river Tay.

But at the end of a tiring day, it’s a relief to know that you can heal your weary muscles – and mind – in luxury lodges near Pitlochry with hot tubs.

Hot Tubs, Wildlife, Adventure and Luxury Lodges; the Perfect Mix of Relaxation and Recreation near Pitlochry.

Hot tubs have actually been used for a long time to treat a variety of ailments!

Candido Jacuzzi with his son Kenneth

Candido Jacuzzi with his son Kenneth

Hot Tub Facts

The ancient Egyptians used hot baths with sizzling rocks added to ease pains and inspire relaxation.

The Greek physician Hippocrates prescribed long soaks in hot springs to treat a host of problems including rheumatism and jaundice.

The first branded hot tub was invented in 1940 by Candido Jacuzzi for his son, who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, but it doesn’t just need to be for chronic conditions – virtually everyone can reap some kind of benefit from a hot tub soak.

A County Steeped in History

Perthshire has an incredible past, and even today you can follow in the footsteps of great Scottish kings and queens.

The Scone Palace was for a long time the site of Scottish coronations, and is where both Robert the Bruce and Macbeth were crowned on top of the Stone of Destiny. Although the Stone of Scone is longer there, the palace and its gardens are open for us all to explore, and you can also admire the beautiful painting The Lady Elizabeth Murray, which inspired the recent film Belle.

You could also pay a visit to the Black Watch Museum to gain a unique insight into Scotland’s most famous army regiments, and the Lochleven Castle where Mary Queen of Scots was held as a prisoner for over a year.

When you’ve spent hours walking up and down the stone steps of ancient castles and glimpsing the royalty of days gone by, your feet and joints are bound to be exhausted – I should know, I’ve tried it! Hot tubs are just as therapeutic to sore muscles as heat packs are, as they help to loosen up the muscle, and the weightlessness experienced in a hot tub can reduce body weight by around 90%, taking absolutely all pressure off your weary joints. This is the best time to do minor workouts as virtually all impact is removed, and your heart gets a cardiovascular work-out simply by sitting in a hot tub!

Ancient Trees and Picturesque Natural Scenes


The Black Wood of Rannoch

For nature lovers, there are few places in the UK with more to see, and it’s no surprise that Perth is known as “Big Tree Country” when you consider that it is home to what may well be the oldest tree in Britain. The Fortingall Yew is estimated to be anywhere between 1500 and 3000 years old although some experts think it may even be as old as 5000 years, and local legend has it that Pontius Pilate was born underneath its branches and played in its shade – we’re dubious, but still.

Our nearby woodlands Blair Atholl, Dunkeld and Killiecrankie all have monumentally sized trees, and nearby in the Black Wood of Rannoch you can witness remnants of the ancient Caledonian rainforest, maybe even spotting some pine martens or capercailies.

If the thought of a tree being quite so old gives you a headache as well, that’s another great reason to hop in the hot tub! Not only are hot tubs inherently relaxing and especially fantastic for relieving headaches caused by tension, they can also be augmented with essential oils and salts for specific purposes. Epsom salts work well to dissipate headaches, eucalyptus oil can improve concentration, rosewood helps to promote a positive mindset and both bergamot and lavender are effective at dispelling stress and tension – two major factors for headaches and migraines. They also smell pretty good too!

For the Thrill Seekers

The Rivers Tummel & Tay are perfect for white water rafting

The Rivers Tummel & Tay are perfect for white water rafting

If you prefer to act rather than observe, don’t worry, as there’s plenty for you to do too!

Perth has an excellent mix of calm lochs, fast rapids and virtually every speed of water in between. Some of our guests enjoy trout fishing is at its best in the sedate lochs of Rannoch and Tay, whereas sections of the rivers Tay and Tummel are simply made for white water rafting and canoeing.

Other activities in the area including “sphering” down a hillside in an inflatable ball, or flying over the countryside in a microlight, if you’re feeling brave enough.

If you manage to walk away from this kind of activity without a bruise, you’re very lucky; if you don’t, then take a wild guess at what we’d recommend as a fantastic soother. The jets in hot tubs are great at working muscles and taking the pain out of nerve pressure. Heat therapy encourages your blood vessels to dilate, which in turn increases blood flow throughout the body, encouraging oxygen and enzymes to appear at the site of the ache much faster. Even if you don’t have a particular injury, a hot tub soak will relax all of your aching muscles and make you feel much better all round.

Nature At Its Best


The Black Spout Wood

In terms of wildlife, the hills and mountains of our country are filled with remarkable creatures. It’s not unusual to find mountain hare, golden eagles, famous grouse or red deer – if you’re lucky you may even see them during their “rut” ritual.

Nearby, the Loche of the Lowes has an osprey breeding site, and the British School of Falconry (the first of its kind in the UK) in Gleneagles gives lessons on this fascinating sport. The Black Spout Wood in Pitlochry is also a fantastic place to spot endangered red squirrels and roe deer, provided you can stay quiet.


We’ve found that spending the whole day wildlife spotting can be rather tiring on the neck and eyes, and afterwards you’ll probably want to get back to your accommodation for a good night’s sleep. It’s thought that indulging in a twenty minute soak around ninety minutes before bed can lower your body temperature to a point where you’ll sleep like a baby when you eventually get into bed, and when you’re snuggled up in one of our log cabins we’ve found that the result is a long and peaceful sleep.

So how else can hot tubs help, generally speaking? The bubbly treatment has been shown to be effective for those with type 2 diabetes, as it lowers their blood pressure, improves their sleep patterns and allows them to lose weight through incredibly low-impact exercise; but they should be careful to step out slowly, as the blood pressure drop may cause light-headedness. People with fibromyalgia, migraines, arthritis or chronic fatigue syndrome can have their symptoms relived by lightly stretching in a hot tub, and the heat stimulates nerves to boost your immune system.

So at the end of your day, exhausted from holidaying to the best of your abilities, come and stay with us for a hot soak and the best night’s sleep of your life. You can book your stay right here, right now!


Robert M

On arrival (late, due to work commitments), we were met at our lodge, The Earn, by the owner, who despite being ready to head out for the evening, took time to show us how the controls on the hot tub worked, how the heating worked etc, and made us feel extremely welcome.

Before long, we were able to get out into the hot tub, and can honestly say that these were the best we have ever experienced! Removable headrests and drinks shelf were provided, along with good quality plastic glasses, dressing gowns and slippers. Temperatures remained constant and it was a disappointment to have to get out at the end of the cycle. The hot tub was located behind the lodge, providing privacy but ease of access too.


Sitting in your own hot tub on your own private veranda after a long walk is just heavenly!


We found the whole stay very relaxing and stress free, our favourite thing was watching the swallows, red kites and the sheep from the tub with a glass of wine in hand....we will be going back!